Group Members

Current members

Name: David

Surname: Haselbach

Position: Group Leader

Contact: mail twitter ORCID

Since birth humans try to make sense of the world that they live in by making experiments. This way of finding things out provides the ultimate pleasure. I am thus enormously happy that I am privileged to follow that natural drive also in professional life. But not only in professional I am trying to find things out also in my free time. I am trying to learn new things such as culinary, engineering and musical skills.

Name: Irina

Surname: Grishkovskaya

Position: Senior Research Assistant

Contact: mail twitter linkedin ORCID

Towards new horizons in structural biology and new fun in work! I’m happy to be a member of our young and dynamic research group and extend my experiences with the new exciting tool, cryo-EM. I am currently focusing myself on getting structural insights of large E3 ligases-proteasome interactions. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, I also enjoy travelling and swimming a lot!

Name: Pavel

Surname: Harar

Position: Visiting PostDoc


I am a machine learning researcher and engineer focused on fundamental research in deep learning. In Haselbach Lab I am working on various projects all aimed at streamlining tomography using deep neural networks. The vision is to accelerate biomedical research and making a positive impact on our society, which is why I enjoy being a scientist. I am a husband and a father and in my free time I used to be a drummer

Name: Katarina

Surname: Belačić

Position: PhD student

Contact: mail twitter linkedin ORCID

The most exciting thing about science for me is to be able to describe and understand complex life systems by looking at the smallest driving forces of life – proteins and their complex assemblies. As part of the Haselbach group, I am using biochemical and structural methods to understand the molecular mechanisms behind the functional failure of the protein degradation machine, the 26S proteasome, and how it is rescued in cells. Outside the lab, I enjoy hiking and swimming, or simply spending time with friends.

Name: Lorenz

Surname: Perschy

Position: PhD student

Contact: mail ORCID

As a structural biologist with a background in computer science I am intrigued by the computational tools that enable the reconstruction of protein structures from inherently noisy micrographs. During my PhD project I will employ state of the art techniques in image processing along with molecular simulations to understand how cohesin compacts DNA. At our campus this interdisciplinary endeavor can be tackled in a team of biochemists, physicists and biologists.

Name: Hanna Leonie

Surname: Brunner

Position: PhD student

Contact: mail ORCID

I like science because it is a constant, creative process - we try to find answers and thereby raise many new questions. As a PhD student in David's laboratory, I am very interested in the mechanism of the degradation of transcription factors by the proteasome. Besides working in the laboratory, I enjoy sports and being outdoors, especially in the mountains.

Name: Sascha Josef

Surname: Amann

Position: Master student

Contact: mail ORCID

Working in David’s lab at the IMP offers the opportunity to conduct biochemical and structural biological research on macromolecules in a very independent but supportive manner. My research project is to elucidate initial interactions of ubiquitinated substrates with the 26S proteasome using time-resolved cryogenic electron microscopy, a method that aims to observe the progression of a biochemical reaction at certain time points. For recreation outside the lab, I enjoy doing a variety of sports like climbing, parkour, or indoor sports.

Name: Susanne

Surname: Kandolf

Position: Research Technician

Contact: mail twitter linkedin ORCID

Starting as a bachelor in David’s lab, I am now working as a technician, still experiencing every day the fascinating world of structural biology. Looking at proteins in atomic details makes cryo-EM an engaging tool. The opportunity to practice science in this environment with a wonderful team and great colleagues is just a plus. In my free time I enjoy going to the cinema and hope to delight my friends and family – once in a while also my colleagues - with baked sweets.

Name: Daniel

Surname: Azar

Position: Research Technician

Contact: ORCID linkedin youtube

Working in scientific research is about learning and acquiring knowledge, but above all it is about helping generate knowledge and explaining natural phenomena or advancing theories that could later lead to practical breakthroughs. What drives me forward is the excitement in learning and discovering new molecular and cellular mechanisms and using techniques in biochemistry, structural and cellular biology to this end. In this lab, I am performing biochemical activity assays to help shed light on the characteristics and functions of hybrid proteasomes. Outside the lab, my main fields of interest include classical music, languages, history and singing Lieder, opera arias and French variété songs as a hobby.

Name: Demian

Surname: Keihsler

Position: Research Technician

Contact: mail ORCID

As a student of physics and pursuer of an art degree, I understand the will to knowledge and the will to truth might be the connected driving forces between Art and Science. In David Haselbach’s Lab I explore modern approaches to cryo Electron Microscopy such as the introduction of time-resolution out of the fascination in how the optically invisible motors of life can be made visual by physical devices and mathematical frameworks.

Former members

Name: Jonathan

Surname: Koschera

Position: Master student

There is something inherently interesting about being able to see protein complexes at atomic resolution. I am working on a 26S proteasome complex and I enjoy the freedom to learn and try we have in this lab all the while being supervised well. If I am not in the lab however I'm either climbing in the gym or at the Hohe Wand.

Name: Mikhail

Surname: Valkov

Position: Intern

Since its early history humanity was eager to create inventions that would simplify their daily work and expand their free time. Without a doubt, the 21st century will be designated as the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which spread so deep in our routine life and successfully hide in the background, that we don’t really perceive its existence. As a part of the Haselbach group I am using machine learning approaches to develop new image processing strategies in single particle cryo-EM. Apart from the lab work, I spend my time doing sports, dancing and playing chess.

Name: Ines

Surname: Martínez Martín

Position: Summer school student

I worked in Haselbach lab for 9 weeks as a summer school student, and I have nothing but good things to say about the lab. I had a great time working on my project and learning about structural biology and biophysics, always supported by all the members of the lab. Highly recommended experience!

Name: Dana

Surname: Grozavu

Position: Summer school student

I am a biochemistry student and spending my summer in this lab was a useful research experience that helped me become more confident and independent.